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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Origami Ribbon Coin Purse Gifts

$1 clearance ribbons...
For Mother's Day this year, I made my mom an origami ribbon coin purse from a free tutorial that I found on Sew4Home.com. Initially hesitant at the thought of a painfully laborious project but nevertheless intrigued by the cleverness of the design, the "ribbon" experience ultimately led me to make a matching wallet and key case.

So when I recently hosted a couple of visits from two distant cousins (as in, they are actually first cousins, but they live a long distance away), I thought it'd be nice to give them each one of these as a little memento of their visit. After all, I had become quite proficient at laying down ribbon!

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When I had returned to Michaels to get more of the ribbons that I needed for my previous projects, I was fortunate enough to come across the above three coordinating selections in that same clearance bin, for a buck each.

I turned them into these...

Two more origami ribbon coin purses...

The two wide ribbons are 1.5"; the thinner one with the dots is 5/8". I didn't realize until I got home that the wider ribbons had wire in them, but they were easy to remove.

A peek at the lining...

The Kitty and the Muse floral paisley fabric used for the lining is from my "thank you" care package (so, in fact, is some of the thread that I used here).

If you look closely, you can see that I finished off the edges differently for each. The predominantly yellow one has zigzag stitching around the outer edge.

I had an "interesting" time with these snap fasteners!

It was also the first time that I used these particular snap fasteners (that I got on eBay; 50 sets for $2.82)... and there was an unexpected learning curve.

The top two pieces combine to form the "male" part of the fastener
and the bottom two form the "female" part... 

It wasn't so much a problem of figuring out which piece connected to which, but how to secure the fabric between the pairs. They did not come with setting tools and I had to improvise with what I had on hand from previous hardware sets. I ended up sacrificing a couple of pieces to the cause, but got it figured out eventually. At least they're "snappable" and that — of course — is the whole objective.

Oh, and the recipients of these small gifts were quite impressed by the simplicity of the item.

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