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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Seeking Inspiration for my Dream Purse Design

Maybe the only inspired thing ever to come out of Target Canada...
US retailer giant Target came to Canada in 2013 and ignominiously bowed out in bankruptcy earlier this year. I remember waiting on pins and needles for their location at "the big mall" to open up and vividly recall the deflating sense of disappointment I felt when I eventually wandered through the premises.

But it was even worse than that: I eventually came to dislike the place in a way that I've never hated any retailer. And given how the story has played out, I was obviously not the only one north of the 49th parallel to think so little of Target that it was forced into closing and moving back home with its tail between its legs. (Now, before any of my American readers protest and say, "How can you hate Target", think of everything that you like about that chain and then imagine the opposite. That was the version of Target that we had up here.)

With that bit of venom out of my system — LOL — I'm actually leading into the topic of seeking inspiration for my ultimate purse design. One of the purses that I saw hanging in Target during the laughable days of its liquidation (they didn't even know the right way to go out of business; okay, I'll stop with the Target digs now) was very close to what my dream purse design should be.

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All three of my KVZ bags have triple compartments in them. In all three cases, the middle is just a zippered pocket, however, not an actual multi-functional opening like in the purse shown above. I've come to realize that I like having that sort of organization in a "day to day" purse. (Although I still prefer a big single opening purse for travel; don't ask me why that is.)

Sears Tradition Handbag
Mom's "stand-by" purse from Sears...
This purse of my mom's is very much like the one above. She picked it up at Sears about two years ago — on sale for $19.99. (Groan... yes... under twenty dollars and look how usable it is!)

This bag is built for storage! Not only does it have the three layers that I like, the front has another full size slip pocket with magnetic snap closure and the back features a secure zippered pocket.

How that middle compartment is put together has me somewhat befuddled, but no real worries, as I've seen another method of construction that's easier to comprehend and that will likely be the route that I take.

So obviously, I get inspiration from seeing bags in stores and shops. (I also get inspired by clothing, believe it or not.) It helps to be able to handle the item, to see where seams are and how "things" are attached. I take photos if I think it will be helpful. At home, I keep a notebook to record my ideas... I actually have to be disciplined about using it, as I have a tendency to just grab some scrap paper and scribble.

In terms of this "dream purse design" that I'm aiming for, I've collected a lot of individual ideas for features that I want to incorporate. Earlier this year, I added a few more sketches to start the concepts on the slow road to reality.

But it's going to be a looong process. Already being interrupted by other projects... LOL. (CraftyMe is easily distracted.)

In the meantime, what features would your dream purse design have? Share with me... and let me steal from you. ;-)


  1. Wowwww, Rochelle!! I do love this kind of bags (I think my shoulders don't think so) even if I don't like very much placing grommets, rings, buckles,...LOL.
    I wait impatiently to see your design!!

  2. My dream purse I am not totally sure about, but I do like certain bag features. I prefer one strap rather than 2 straps and I like the one strap to be adjustable so it can be worn across my body hands-free if I want to. I like that option in a bag. 2 straps always tend to fall off the shoulder and you can't wear it across your body. I don't like a long bag because my things get stacked up and I feel like I am wrestling around to find something, so prefer a wider rather than long bag. I like pockets for keys, a pen, other little things like lip gloss, nail file and such to find them easier. I need enough space for my wallet, sunglasses and cheater eyeglasses, a pad of paper, a small fold up shopping bag. A bag not too large and not too small. I prefer a rounded look to a bag rather than a square look. My tastes vary so I do like a bag flap or a zippered closure or a twist lock or magnetic snap closure. I have made a lot of bags I love and enjoy using, but am still searching for the perfect bag for me. I think I will make one with all the elements I like from the bags I have made and combine those features into one bag. I will take a lot of trial and error to create it though. Good luck with you bag design too Rochelle.


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