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I have posted past blog entries that are more "technology" oriented than sewing oriented. For the convenience of those who are looking for a little bit of tech help, I've gathered the links to those posts on his page and will add to it going forward.

Techspertise: Essential Email Tips
Despite texting and instant messaging, most of us still use email regularly. Here are some essential tips that will reduce common email woes.

How to Create a Written Tutorial from a Video
While some people prefer to learn by video, maybe a free YouTube video is not the optimal way. Learn how to take the pertinent details from a video and turn it into a Word doc tutorial for your own use.

Sharing Some "Techspertise" — Learn to Excel at Passwords
It seems like we are needing to create a new account and password every day for one thing or another. Is it getting overwhelming? Follow my lead and use a spreadsheet to keep your passwords secure and up to date.

Perfecting Passwords
A detailed explanation of the password creation methodology that I described in the previous post above. For those who want to know the "nuts and bolts" behind creating stronger passwords that may still be easy to remember.

Sharing Some "Techspertise" — Don't Just Bookmark
If you like what you see on the web, you shouldn't rely on just bookmarking the site or page. Find out why and how you can keep the content permanently.

Blog Housekeeping Pt 1 — All About Labels
Need to know how to implement and manage labels on your blog? Check this out.

5 Ways to Drive People Away From Your Blog
Now, you probably don't want to drive people away from your blog, but you may want to give this a read to find out if in fact you are doing that exact thing! (And then correct it, of course.)

Sharing Some "Techspertise" — Safeguard Your Stuff!
Tips and hints for safeguarding your electronic data, be it your blog, your patterns, your emails or anything else that you value.

Surface Design Using Paint Shop Pro
Sort of a continuation of my previous discussion of fabric design using Paint Shop Pro, with a lot more detail.

When Imitation Goes Beyond Flattery
How to handle faux virus attacks.

Sharing Some "Techspertise" — Fabric Design with PSP
This is a post about using Paint Shop Pro to design fabric.

Sharing Some "Techspertise" — Downsizing Photos
An easy way to make your photos "smaller" for sharing online.

PDF Pattern Creation using Microsoft Word
Here is a post about using Microsoft Word to create professional looking PDF patterns.