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Saturday, 28 February 2015

New Pattern Release: Gadget Grab 'n' Go!

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
My spin on the multi-zip organizer...
A couple weeks back, I promised that I'd have a pattern available for my take on the multi-zip organizer. So here it is... introducing the Gadget Grab 'n' Go.

It's smaller than the "other" multi-zip organizers out there, primarily because it's designed to be an electronics gadget carry-all. (Not to pigeon-hole it by any means, as I'm sure you can come up with plenty of other uses for something like this. My tester Nekane used it to cart around her jewelry on a recent vacation!)

I have done what I consider to be my usual thorough job with this PDF pattern. Like my previous ones, it is fairly lengthy at 37 pages — with 3 pages of actual pattern pieces — but the length is mainly due to the inclusion of more than 75 photos to supplement the detailed sewing and assembly instructions.

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
A sampling of some of the  pages from my Gadget Grab 'n' Go pattern...

The Gadget Grab 'n' Go organizer features a diagonal external zip closure that gives it a totally unique and funky look. Inside, you'll find two zippered pockets that act as dividers to create three other storage compartments. It is perfect for carting around small electronics like cell phones, eReaders, mp3 players, personal gaming systems (do kids still play Nintendo?) and their various memory and SIM cards, batteries, cables and chargers. Want to see a couple more? I made two others for a cousin for gift-giving.

If you haven't done so already, join Craftsy and then 
stop by my shop where you can grab the pattern for $7.95

As a bonus, this pattern includes tips on how to resize, add pockets, and create the version with the straight zipper closure! How cool is that?

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
BONUS... pattern includes the specs for the straight zipper closure variation also!

How Big is this Thing?

The Gadget Grab 'n' Go is approximately 7" x 4" x 4.5" (or 18cm x 10cm x 11.5cm). It's a really forgiving pattern, so your actual results might vary depending on how well you adhere to the seam allowances. It can also store a lot, as you can see here.

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
All of the stuff on the right can be stored inside the Gadget Grab 'n' Go...

Who is this Project For?

I would say this is an "intermediate beginner and up" project. It's not inherently difficult when broken down into its component parts, but it may be intimidating for an absolute beginner. That said, I have provided a lot of photos to back up the instructions so I don't want to strike fear in the heart of anyone. I would say that if you have sewn a lined, zippered pouch recently, you should have no trouble recognizing how this should be put together. The binding that goes around the perimeter may pose a bit of a challenge, but it's something that you can only learn by doing, so there you go.

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
Interior of the Gadget Grab 'n ' Go...

How Long Will this Project Take?

That really depends on how much experience you have. I can guarantee that if you've made something similar before, you will be able to fly right through the construction in a few hours. If you've never done anything like it before and your sewing experience is not so great, it could take you a couple of days. Most people will likely be able to complete the project within a day.

What do I Need to Make this Project?

A complete list of what you'll need to complete this project is provided at my Craftsy Shop.


If you are "sew" inclined, feel free to make and sell as many Gadget Grab 'n' Gos as you care to; I only ask that you credit me and this blog by attaching the following card to the item.

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  1. The Grab n Go may well prevent the mess of cables etc when I travel. Have just purchased the pattern. Won't have time to make it for ages, but now on my never ending To Do list.

  2. LOVE this bag!!! Thanks for the awesome pix! It is def going into my "Need To Purch" folder!!!


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