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Saturday, 15 November 2014

New Pattern Release: MyTie Makeover Mini Bag!

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
A tie goes through a major makeover to become a purse!
When I first encountered these little purses made out of a single tie, I was so intrigued and so interested in making one that I looked high and low for a pattern. Not a one. Found a couple of tutorials for what I consider "not quite successful" facsimiles, but the internet was surprisingly unyielding in this case. So once again, necessity being the mother of invention, blah, blah, blah...

Today I unveil my own MyTie Makeover Mini Bag PDF Pattern and Tutorial. The name reflects the fact that it's a tie that's gone through a makeover to become a little purse (and I just liked the play on words of the "MyTie"/"mai tai" bit). You've seen the results of my tester bags last week, now it's time to make your own! Who knows, you might have just enough time to churn out a few of these to add to your table at the local holiday market or to give away as gifts.

This is a 59-page PDF with over 100 photos, providing clear instructions to guide you in making your very own unique — not to mention super cute — little purse that will do the job from formal evenings to girls night out. (And yes, it is because of the number of large photos — so that you can see detail — that the pattern is so long; do not be alarmed by the thought of 59 pages!)

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag Pattern by eSheep Designs
Some sample pages from the MyTie Makeover Mini Bag PDF Pattern & Tutorial...

In case you hadn't heard, the pattern provides the templates for three different body styles for this little purse: the "free version" that you see above, plus two others, one of which is shown here.

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
One of the other body styles offered via the MyTie Makeover Mini Bag pattern...

So it's not just a dressed up, detailed version of the free tutorial that I've posted on my blog. You will actually be able to make three different MyTie bags with this pattern! It's truly a three for one deal. Not only that, I also include 8 pages of bonus instructions for how to change up the look of your bags from what's been shown here.

How Big is This Bag?

How big depends on which one you make. Sizes range from 6” high by 8” wide (approx 15cm x 20cm) to 6” high by 9” wide (approx 15cm x 23cm). Also, if you have an odd-sized tie and end up having to adjust the pattern, your finished bag will be smaller.

Oh, and while they may seem small, look at what they can hold (this being the "medium size" of the three designs)...

Who is this Project For?

This is an intermediate to experienced beginner level project. If you've been successful at completing simple sewing projects in the past (like lined pouches or wristlets), you should have no issues with this. (And in fact, the three different variations are aimed at three different skill levels, with the most difficult one being the one that's been featured on my blog as a free tutorial.)

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
The MyTie Makeover Mini Bag is a small purse
that can hold a lot! (In this case, a bifold wallet, a smart phone,
an eReader and a set of keys with extra "stuff".)
It would be preferable if you were not intimidated by the idea of zippers and buttonholes, even if you have not had previous experience with them. (That said, I like to create patterns that enable the user to customize, so you can definitely skip the zipper and buttonhole if you are so inclined.) To be truthful, the two trickiest parts of this project will be: 1) the whole process of cutting out customized pattern pieces required by your specific tie (it's definitely a DIY task unlike any you've probably ever done before), and 2) working with the tie itself (depending on what it's made out of, it could be finicky to handle).

How Long Will this Project Take?

The sewing part of the project can be completed in an evening (i.e., once you have all of your supplies at the ready)... the whole project is definitely doable in a day. And it goes without saying that your second, third and fourth bags will go much more quickly!

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
Back view of the MyTie Makeover Mini Bag...

What do I Need to Make this Project?

First of all: a tie! (And some interfacing for it.) It can be a vintage tie that used to be worn by someone close to you, or — like me — you can go prowling on eBay for some amazingly beautiful and cheap ties. (Problem with the latter plan is that it may or may not get to you... and if it does get to you, it might take a few weeks. Or two months, as was the case with the lovely orange tie that you see here.) Definitely try your local thrift stores or just ask the men in your life. ;-)

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
Top view of the MyTie Makeover Mini Bag...

For the inside of the bag, you'll need some coordinating fabric. Quilting cotton scraps (or satins, if you're a capable sewer) will suffice; this is a great project for using up small pieces from your stash. Or, one fat quarter will accommodate the lining and pockets if you want to go that route. (If your tie was worn by someone you know, perhaps a shirt worn by that same person could provide fabric for the lining.) As you can see from the photos, the purse strap can be anything from a length of decorative cord to a chain that requires additional hardware to whatever your imagination serves up (check what my pattern testers did).

List of required materials:
  • Medium weight interfacing (enough to cover a tie)
  • Two 3/4" (2cm) swivel snap hooks (optional; only to attach a chain strap)
  • One large decorative button
  • Decorative cord, 3/4" (2cm) wide webbing, or a chain; cut to a desired length (for your strap)
  • A tie
  • Fabric for lining & pockets (equivalent of one fat quarter or use scraps; each pocket requires two pieces of 7" x 5" (18cm by 13cm))
  • One 6" (15cm) matching/contrasting zipper (optional; for zippered pocket)
  • Pins, clips, ruler, fading marker, your sewing machine's zipper foot & buttonholer, iron, pressing cloth, rotary cutter & mat, etc.
  • Matching/contrasting thread

Want the pattern?
If you can wait for me to send it to you (within 24 hours;
please check your SPAM folder if not in receipt after that time),
use the PayPal button below to purchase this PDF directly from me:

Select PDF Pattern for Purchase

If you want immediate access and don't mind paying a higher price,
you can purchase from my Makerist Shop.

NOTE: Due to the nature of digital products, all PDF sales are final and non-refundable.


If you are "sew" inclined, feel free to make and sell as many MyTie Makeover Mini Bags as you care to; I only ask that you credit me and this blog by attaching the following card to the item.

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  1. This is so great! And so cute! You did a great job of matching those stripes! Still haven't figured out how to use the Style feature in Word. I am so busy with my job and business and quilting and having fun, I just don't take the time to learn this type of stuff. Carol

    1. Thanks, Carol. Some of the so-called "advanced" aspects of MS Word are worth taking the time to learn because they really aren't difficult to master and they make your documents look so much better. That said, you really do need to put it on your priority list. ;-)

  2. Wow, this is fabulous. So glad I found you via Emmaline!


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