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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Repurposing and Upcycling... The Tie Project [Pt 1]

Ties belonging to my hubby and my late father...
Do you remember the purse made out of neckties from my first post about repurposing and upcycling? When I first saw that, I immediately wished that my dad's old collection of ties hadn't been donated. (My dad was very old school and liked to wear suits. So with all of his suits, he also had his share of ties.) I claimed one tie from the pile before they were all given to the Salvation Army: the geometric striped red/grey/black one shown in the picture here.

The other tie that you see is the one that my hubby was wearing the day I met him. The occasion is significant, of course, but I've always just thought that it is a very striking tie. It occurs to me that it's now over a quarter century old (yowza!) and has a couple of stains on it. Maybe I can find a way to get rid of them before it — perhaps someday — turns into a little purse?

What's that, you say? Well, I had mused about finding a sewing project to remember my dad with, with just the one tie that I had. It just so happens that I recently came across a gem like this from Sharee Johnson (who's actually a custom jewelry maker):

Fabulous work of art by Sharee Johnson...

This talented designer will create custom orders for you with ties that you send her. Prices are — how should I put it — a tad steep. On the one hand, I totally recognize the time, talent and materials that goes into making something like this. On the other hand, I can't help but cringe... but that's me. (UPDATE: As of February 2015, Ms. Johnson appears to be out of the tie purse making business.)

The person behind this next version is virtually from my own backyard. Allison Barnes is the creator of amazing little items like this...

Custom necktie clutch crafted by Allison Barnes...

Very cool and imaginative and so incredibly unique just because they are crafted from a single necktie. I've been told that I'm a hard person to impress, but I have to say that these are most impressive.

Which means that the gauntlet has been thrown. ;-)

I must find a way to make something similar for myself! Stayed tuned for The Tie Project [Pt 2]...

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