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Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Phone Always Rings When You're in the Bathroom

Number One on the Miscellaneous Hot List at AllFreeSewing!
My husband and I used to own a business, and there were occasions when I'd be the only one in the office. So when nature called, I'd usually put the phones on hold. Sometimes, however, I'd just pop in to wash my hands and would leave the phones on. Then — of course — the minute my hands were wet, the phone would ring. (And it didn't just happen to me. Many times I would call in and the phone would ring and ring and ring until finally our admin person would answer and say that she had just been in the biffy.) At home, the same phenomena occurs. The whole morning will pass with no calls and then the minute I go to the bathroom, the phone will ring.

What does this have to do with anything, especially sewing?

Well, I was away for a few days recently (short vacation) and at the tail end of that time, AllFreeSewing.com featured my Cutting Corners Collapsible Travel Tray in a newsletter. Wham! Instant megahits on the blog; a couple of patterns sold. And because I was also calling for testers for the Hot Hues Convertible bag, emails started coming in fast and furious.

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How is this similar to the phone/bathroom scenario? The first time a project of mine — the Wave Purse Organizer — was featured in an AllFreeSewing newsletter, I was on vacation. I had no time (nor inclination, given that I was on vacation) to follow the rise of the hits on my blog or on the What's Hot list at AllFreeSewing. I managed to catch the fact that the Wave Purse Organizer hit #2 that time on the What's Hot list for top bags and purses, but I have no idea if it ever sat in that coveted #1 spot.

This time, I came back "in time", so to speak. Within twenty-four hours of returning home, I had answered the comments and emails from various folks... or at least I hope so and haven't missed anyone! (Thanks again to all who volunteered to test the Hot Hues Convertible bag; my testers are currently working on their projects as I "speak". I've started a list of potential testers for my next project for anyone who's interested.) But not only that, I was around to catch the fact that my travel tray — the one called the Space-Saving Travel Organizer by AllFreeSewing — climbed all the way up to the #1 position on the What's Hot list for miscellaneous projects!

Maybe I should go on vacation more often.

How about you? Do you have similar phone/bathroom phenomena going on in your life??

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