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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hitting Number 2 at AllFreeSewing.com!

I read somewhere last year that when you first start blogging, it's really just journalling until someone stops by and reads what you write. How true. So I thought to myself, how do you get someone to come by and read?

While still staying true to what I want this blog to be (i.e., a telling of my personal journey from "re-birthed" student sewer to designer), I thought the best approach would be to test my creative talent and — at the same time — give away something for free. That was how I unveiled the free pattern and tutorial for the Wave Purse Organizer, which turned out to be successful in a way that I never anticipated.

After scouring the internet for some places to submit free sewing pattern links, I contacted the folks at AllFreeSewing.com with my project. I gather at some point that the Wave Purse Organizer must have been featured in their newsletter because the hits to my blog starting coming in fast and furious. Then came the first comment from someone, which really made my day. (Even though I was on the first day of a vacation at the time!) But the ultimate highlight was when I saw that my submission had reached the number two spot on the "What's Hot" list at AllFreeSewing.

The Wave Purse Organizer hits number 2!
I can't believe I made number 2!

For awhile, the pattern was also among the top ten on the "Most Popular" listing. The hits have slowed down since, but I remain grateful that a number of folks have been interested enough to take a look through my other posts. A big thank you to all who have visited. During my vacation, I thought about a couple of other small projects that I might want to design and share gratis in the coming weeks, so you may want to stop by again.

But it's really nice to know that I am no longer just "journalling"! ;-)


  1. I think I found you through ChrisW Designs. I really like your blog and patterns and added you to my Bloglovin list. Looking forward to reading your 'journal'. :)

    1. Many thanks. Hope to live up to expectations!


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