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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Quasi-Tutorial: Big Buttons Wall Art [FSC Pt 5]

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
What does this look like to you?
This project is something that I may literally have "dreamed up". I jolted awake at around 4:20 am one morning this past winter, couldn't fall back asleep and kept thinking about making a big button to hang on the wall. Like the one you see pictured here. Bizarre, right?

And yet, here I am with a somewhat whimsical project that might appeal to you and your sewing friends.

All courtesy of my sleepless inspirations.

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Here is the finished project. It's a collection of three big "buttons", made out of fabric, single-sided fusible Peltex, and ribbon. Other supplies include clips, double-sided tape, fabric glue, and plates and other small circular items to trace around.

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Hang some designer buttons on your wall...

You may have noticed in the title that this project also alludes to my (Spoonflower) fabric swatch challenge, last posted about back in January. The second button is made out a Spoonflower swatch (DICIS Phrases (Red/Black/White) from my Inspiration collection).

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Cut three circles out of Peltex...

Make these buttons as big as you want. My biggest one was traced from a dinner plate, so it was about 10.5". The Spoonflower swatch was turned into an 8" button and the smallest one was 6". I used a pill bottle lid and a can of tomato paste to trace the circles for the holes in the middle of the buttons.

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Cut enough fabric to overlap the other side of each Peltex circle...

You can just freehand cut around the Peltex when you cut the fabric. I left about an inch or so of fabric around the biggest button, but you can certainly manage with less.

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Divide the circles into equal quarters...

Rely on your rulers to help you locate the middle of your buttons.

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Trace small circles just inside the lines on opposite quarters (if making a button with 4 holes,
leave more space between the lines and the circles)...

Make your buttons with two holes in the middle or with four... just keep them well separated if you go with four.

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Carefully cut out the circles... 

Cut out the circles as best as you can. I did a better job on the one above than the one below! (Went with a smaller pair of snips.)

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Put Peltex fusible side down onto the wrong side of the fabric and fuse into place...

Fuse the Peltex to the wrong side of the fabric.

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Clip excess fabric to back and sew all around the perimeter as close to edge as possible...

Clips are essentially a "must have" here, as pins won't do the job. Go slowly when you sew around the perimeter of the circle and keep your eyes on the end of the presser foot, not the needle.

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Cut the middle out of each hole and then make slits in the remaining fabric so that it can be
wrapped underneath and glued...

Snip the middle portion of the fabric away from the holes and then make slits in the remaining circle of fabric. Glue the ends to the underside two or three at a time with some good fabric glue.

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Cut lengths of ribbon to insert through the holes as "thread"; glue down the ends on the back...

Use a length of ribbon (or yarn or cording) to simulate thread and glue the ends to the back of the button. For buttons with four holes, you can make a cross.

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Use some double-sided tape to attach the buttons to one another and it's finished...

All that's left is to decide how you want to group your buttons. While you can glue (or hot glue) them permanently, I like to use double-sided tape so that I can change my mind later. For a slightly more secure fastening that can still be undone, sew them together with some matching coloured thread.

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I used a push pin to attach it to the wall of my sewing room.

Big Buttons Wall Art by eSheep Designs
Up on my wall...

So what do you think? Was that worthy of a sleep deprived night on my part?? Given that I have sleep deprived nights where I don't end up newly inspired, it's not so bad, right?


  1. I have seen gigantic button wall hanging before, so maybe you had once too and tucked it back into your mind until wham you were awake and ready to create some? The buttons I have seen were either made of metal and painted different colors or plain wood that you get from a craft store that you paint yourself. I had not seen the "thread" in any before though, so that is something you dreamed up, lol! I do have a set of large round template/rulers that have cross lines printed on them to locate the center. So I could do these buttons myself too. Maybe even make a collage button over cardboard or foam core board. See what you do to me Rochelle, you get me thinking, lol!!!

    1. Ha, ha - my fault, my fault! Yes, you're right; I have seen those big wooden buttons before. But at the time, it didn't occur to me that I could somehow replicate that look in the sewing world.

      You just gave me another idea though. If I use foam core board, I could then actually pin real buttons onto the finished project to display some of my button collection! (Better than unseen in a bag or jar, right?) I had previously thought to sew buttons onto these ones to embellish them, but, well, you know me and hand sewing. But being able to pin them would be another thing altogether.

      Thanks for the return inspiration!


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