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Saturday, 14 April 2018

New Pattern Release: Fabric Pieced Voilà Vase

Fabric Pieced Violà Vase by eSheep Designs
My latest pattern... the Voilà Vase!
It's been some time since my last pattern release and today I have one for something very different from my past designs: a fabric pieced flared vase with optional permanent or removable topper.

Having previously admitted that I'm not a home decor fan, this latest creation is most definitely a home decor item.

Oh well. As the saying goes, there are exceptions to every rule. (I'd also imagine that there are probably more home decor fans out there than not.)

In any case, when I felt compelled to do more 3D "paper" piecing after making a hanging ornament, the concept of a vase was the first thing that popped into my mind.

The subsequent plan to turn it into a pattern was two-fold. First, I hadn't written up a pattern in about a year and needed "the exercise", so to speak. Second, it seemed like a unique item to write up as a pattern, made more appealing by the fact that it's not too difficult to sew up.

Fabric Pieced Violà Vase by eSheep Designs
My smaller proof of concept vase standing alongside her big sister...

If you're wondering how big this is, let me say that it was designed to be a statement piece. With the topper, the vase is about 13” (33cm) high by 8" (20cm) wide, with a 4” (10cm) square base. Without the topper, it's 10” high (25.5cm).

Fabric Pieced Violà Vase by eSheep Designs
To give an idea of scale...

So it's not small. Choose your fabric wisely and you'll have a one-of-a-kind designer vase to highlight that special spot in your home.

Which leads to the reason for the name: it's the Voilà Vase. (Yes, read carefully, that's voilà, not viola.)

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Getting back to the topic of fabric, my test vase was made out of two black and white selections. The one with the white leaves on a black background was originally a duvet cover from Jysk. (First seen in a bucket bag lining, it's also been used as the lining for my custom messenger bag.)

The other fabric is part of my Spoonflower Zen collection; specifically, Untangle My Zen (Multiples), the creation of which was documented in this blog post. I managed to "stretch" the use of a fat quarter for all of the contrast panels. (The only one that couldn't be accommodated was the contrast part of the base, so I merely used the other fabric for it.)

While my proof of concept vase ended up featuring the contrast panels on the exterior, with this one, I decided to switch it up and alternate all the panels. It did require me to pay more attention in the final assembly stages (and yes, I had to take out my stitch ripper more than once), but I like the result.

I would imagine that using four different contrast fabrics on top of a main fabric would also make a striking vase.

Fabric Pieced Violà Vase by eSheep Designs
My old dusty flowers have been given new life in a new home...

After a rough start looking for testers, Sarah at Cozy Nest Design came to my rescue and put me in touch with some talented bodies who were up for the challenge. Here are the the results of their pattern testing, in the order in which I received them.

Marilyn (of ShadesofBold)

Of the testers that were sent my way, I was already familiar with Marilyn. I've always admired her selection of fabrics along with her meticulously crafted end products.

Voilà Vase by eSheep Designs; crafted by Marilyn (Shades of Bold)

She made her version of the Voilà Vase with a permanent topper.

Voilà Vase by eSheep Designs; crafted by Marilyn (Shades of Bold)

A handy tip from Marilyn: "I used 1/4" washable wonder tape to turn in the sides of the contrast fabric and it worked like a charm. It was an easier way to measure the 1/4" turn under and it stayed in place until I attached it to the main fabric and Peltex."

Mary Ann (who can be found on Facebook as SewMe Creations)

Mary Ann also made her Voilà Vase with a permanent topper.

Voilà Vase by eSheep Designs; crafted by Mary Ann (SewMe Creations)

If you're observant, you'll notice that some of her cardinals are not perched upright. ;-) However, if you're even more observant, you'll notice that none of her stitching shows.

Voilà Vase by eSheep Designs; crafted by Mary Ann (SewMe Creations)

Mary Ann used invisible thread on her vase. When I asked about how difficult that might be to sew with, she says she's had no issues using the ones from Superior Threads.

Synthia (who can be found on Facebook as SynSewn)

I definitely learned something new when I heard that Synthia's sewing machine didn't have a zigzag stitch. That possibility never, ever occurred to me, so it was serendipitous to discover it during pattern testing.

Voilà Vase by eSheep Designs; crafted by Synthia (SynSewn)

On the down side, this meant that Synthia had to hand sew all of the panels together. Despite physical challenges, she ended up being proud of her persistence in finishing.

Voilà Vase by eSheep Designs; crafted by Synthia (SynSewn)

By the way, Synthia's Voilà Vase is the basic version without a topper. And given the eclectic fabric and her choice to alternate the panels, I had to share with you this shot of the inside of her vase.

A huge thanks to my testers and most particularly to Sarah for being so amazingly supportive. (A couple of testers had issues beyond their control that affected their schedules, so any other project photos I receive will be posted directly to the Craftsy pattern page.)

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The PDF for this pattern is 34 pages long, with full-size templates, detailed instructions and over 60 photos to help you create your own Fabric Pieced Voilà Vase. Measurements are provided in both metric and imperial.

As a bonus, I have included instructions on how to create the templates needed to make the smaller proof of concept version.

Fabric Pieced Violà Vase by eSheep Designs
Sample pages from the PDF...

Who is this Project For?

Fabric Pieced Violà Vase by eSheep Designs
The topper can be a decorative base as well...
I would say that you'd be perfect for this project if you have some sewing experience, have used fusible interfacing before and are interested in trying out "paper" piecing. Even though you will be producing a three dimensional result, the construction steps are not difficult. Apart from some areas where you may have to deal with thick layers, the Voilà Vase is pretty "beginner" friendly.

How Long will this Project Take?

The cutting and interfacing will take up most of your time. But since most of this is machine sewn (as long as you have a zigzag stitch), it goes quickly once you get started. It's the sort of project that, if you start in the morning, you'll be done by the end of the day.

What do I Need to Make this Project?

Materials required for this project:
  • 1/3 yard or metre of quilting cotton for main fabric (with a non-directional print)
  • 10” x 28” (26cm x 71cm) piece or a fat quarter of quilting cotton for contrast fabric (with a non-directional print)
  • 18” x 20” (46cm x 51cm) piece of single or double-sided fusible Peltex (i.e., Pellon Peltex 71 or 72) to make the standard vase
  • ruler, scissors, rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • thread
  • clips

Want the pattern?
If you can wait for me to send it to you (within 24 hours;
please check your SPAM folder if not in receipt after that time),
use the PayPal button below to purchase this PDF directly from me:

Select PDF Pattern for Purchase

If you want immediate access and don't mind paying a higher price,
you can purchase from my Makerist Shop.

NOTE: Due to the nature of digital products, all PDF sales are final and non-refundable.


If you are "sew" inclined, feel free to make and sell as many Fabric Pieced Voilà Vases as you care to; I only ask for the small favour of crediting me and this blog by attaching the following card to the item.

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  1. I like Synthia's vase the best because I love the fabric she chose. The fabric vases I made in the past were all done by hand, which isn't hard to do at all, just a bit more time. Good luck with pattern sales.


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