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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Dimensional Fabric Pieced Vase (& a Call for Testers!)

Dimensional Fabric Pieced Vase by eSheep Designs
Proof of concept fabric pieced vase...
After successfully turning out my dimensional paper pieced hanging ornament recently, I decided that my next project would be another 3D item.

What you see here is my proof of concept.

The technique may be a little ad hoc and non-traditional, since I'm by no means an expert at dimensional "paper" piecing.

I do feel, however, that since I got the job done, it can't be wrong. (I abandoned art school due to instructors making me feel like there was a right and wrong way to make art... so phooey to that.)

As my journey from student to designer soldiers on, seeing this project come to life was satisfying in a whole new way. It's the sort of feeling of accomplishment that gives me inspiration to continue.

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Instead of scribbling and drawing in my notebook like I usually do, it was a direct route to the pattern for this one. Using pieces of scrap paper, I produced this 3D model for what I wanted as the finished vase.

Dimensional Fabric Pieced Vase by eSheep Designs
Starting from scratch...

Then, to make the proof of concept version, I fiddled with the dimensions and came up with one that is essentially half the size at the base.

Dimensional Fabric Pieced Vase by eSheep Designs
Lipstick in between for an idea of size & scale...

The basic sewing technique was the same as what I did for the hanging ornament, but I had to come up with a way to make both the exterior and the interior presentable.

Dimensional Fabric Pieced Vase by eSheep Designs
This picture shows the shape of one of the four sides...

That is, the inside of the vase couldn't simply be raw edges of fabric and exposed Peltex.

Dimensional Fabric Pieced Vase by eSheep Designs
Interior view of this vase...

Oh, and here's a fun fact for you — the vase was originally made to look like this...

Dimensional Fabric Pieced Vase by eSheep Designs
The eye chart fabric was originally intended to be the exterior...

Before sewing up the final edge, I sat back and considered. After flipping it inside out and outside in, I found that I preferred the paneled appearance of the buttons fabric for the exterior.

Dimensional Fabric Pieced Vase by eSheep Designs
The original interior became the exterior!

Like I said, there's no right or wrong. Since both surfaces were constructed to be seen, it didn't really matter, except for a minor issue with the stitching. Fortunately, with the eye chart fabric being primarily white, the exposed zigzag is not all that apparent along the edges.

And as an added bonus, by using the interior as exterior, I was able to machine stitch all of the long sides. (Had I gone with the original plan, I would have had to hand sew one of them to make them all match.)

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After it was finished, I woke up the next morning with an idea to add a "topper" to it.

Dimensional Fabric Pieced Vase by eSheep Designs
Vase with extender piece on top...

It's an option for those who prefer a narrower opening on their vases. In the photo above, the topper has only been placed on top (i.e., it's not sewn on) but the pieces can be attached permanently to the main panels during construction, as shown below.

Dimensional Paper Pieced Vase by eSheep Designs
Help me out!

Wanna Help Test?

All you need to make this vase is some regular quilting cotton and some Peltex (or equivalent) firm stabilizer.

The instructions for the full size version (shown here) has been turned into a pattern, and I'm now looking for testers. If you'd like to be involved, please check this page for info on what's needed. (Timeline is flexible based on tester availability.)

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