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Saturday, 10 June 2017

You Just Can't Fix Stupid

The original "inspiration"...
My husband and I ran a business for eighteen years and then sold it. I like to joke that the business was our "child" and that we successfully got rid of him at the age of majority.

Once can never assured of that same success with a real kid... ;-)

Over the course of those eighteen years, we survived enough crazy employee stories to fill a book. Then there were all those "incidents" — involving both employees and clients — that could stand in the dictionary beside the word "stupid".

Hard hat sticker...
Many, many years ago in some discount store, my husband came across the sign that you see above. It was eventually hung on the door leading to the back warehouse/storage area in our office. When we sold the business, it was one of the items that he claimed back.

We came across the sign a couple of years ago while doing a major house cleaning and it renewed his interest in finding similar items. That's when I got him that hard hat sticker on eBay.

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When I made my DICIS bear buff, hubby hit upon the idea that it would be clever to make up a bunch of those with some custom fabric featuring the phrase "you just can't fix stupid". He figured they would be an easy sell to his buddies.

You might say that this was our first collaborative effort on the creative front. (My other half is supportive about this little enterprise of mine in most ways, but he's not "hands-on" with it at all. In fact, he has never read my blog. I could give away his secrets here every week and he would be none the wiser.)

The design on both the sign and the hard hat sticker are quite frankly uninspired and boring, so I had to start from scratch. This was one of my early drafts.

You Just Can't Fix Stupid fabric by eSheep Designs
Design draft #2...

Then I thought to make it look more chaotic, so I tipped over the "Y", adjusted the case, added some yellow and got this...

You Just Can't Fix Stupid fabric by eSheep Designs
Final design...

We agreed that this was the one that we wanted to go forward with, so I proceeded to make a fabric design out of it. Played with some different colour combinations but stayed with a couple of bold ones in the end.

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Here is the primarily yellow version (the white part is the edge of the fabric)...

You Just Can't Fix Stupid fabric by eSheep Designs
YJCFS performance piqué fabric from Spoonflower...

And here is the primarily black version...

You Just Can't Fix Stupid fabric by eSheep Designs
YJCFS sport lycra fabric from Spoonflower...

I like how the overall pattern seems to have a wavy look to it, courtesy of the words "you just" with the slanting "Y".

We purchased two different types and cuts of fabric, a yard of the sport lycra (which yielded six buffs) and two fat quarters of the performance piqué when it went on sale two for one. (As a permanent tribute to the uniqueness of our collaborative effort, the fabric is for us only; i.e., not for sale.)

But yes, he did manage to sell a few of those buffs to his buds. :-)

Oh, and remember what you can do with roostery?

roostery chairs from eSheep Designs
Mockups of "stupid" chairs from roostery.com...

We can't (and wouldn't for the cost) buy these chairs but they do look nice, don't they?

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I also took this opportunity to check out a sample of Spoonflower's peel and stick woven wallpaper. This (1' x 2') swatch costed me $7.50 plus shipping. Will be able to get 24 decals out of it so that hubby can plaster his favourite saying wherever he pleases.

You Just Can't Fix Stupid wallpaper by eSheep Designs
Wallpaper "swatch"...

I carried on with the same theme for his birthday last year, taking the design to Vistaprint and getting a t-shirt and sling bag made up with the phrase. The t-shirt is high quality but I was a bit disappointed with the sling bag.

You Just Can't Fix Stupid items from Vistaprint
YJCFS b-day gifts...

Quality-wise, it's nothing like his regular bag, which is a Swiss Army/Wenger model. We've yet to determine if he will keep or try to sell this rather unique "man purse".

Which leads me to the question of the day: does your man carry a "bag"?

1 comment:

  1. Love the saying...LOL!!! As a general rule, my man doesn't carry a bag, unless we're out walking and then it's a backpack. Sometimes he'll cart around things in a shopping bag.


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