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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Free Pattern/Tutorial: Scissors Sheath

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs
Make a fun little holster for your scissors in half an hour!
Waking up slowly on a Sunday morning several weeks back, an idea popped into my head to make a little holder for my detailing scissors.

Don't ask me why or how I was thinking about that, but before the afternoon was out, I had made this little item out of a scrap piece of Robert Kaufman fabric that I had lying around.

I like small, quick projects that serve a purpose. If you're similarly inclined, I'm here to share the 411 on this and provide you with the pattern pieces if needed. (These scissors measure 4" or 10cm, but you can make your own pattern quite easily for any size pair of scissors.) If you have about thirty minutes to spare, you can definitely make this.

What you'll need are some fabric scraps; in total, two pieces measuring about 8" x 3.5" if you want to get technical. But I'm sure you can find what you need among your various discards. You'll also need some fusible fleece scraps to cover two of those fabric pieces. I added a grommet so I could thread a chain on my finished sheath to wear it around my neck, but that's totally optional.

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If you don't want to download my PDF copy with the pattern pieces, you can easily DIY one. Just place your scissors down on a piece of paper and draw around it to create this general shape. Leave enough room to make it symmetrical on both sides by folding it in half vertically and trimming it appropriately so that the edges are even.

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs
Make a pattern piece for your scissors sheath...

Simple, right? You will need to cut two pieces of fabric for the front and back using this piece, plus one piece of fusible fleece (cut smaller all the way around to stay out of the seam allowance).

Then you'll need this top piece.

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs
Add a second pattern piece to cover the bottom half of your scissors...

To accommodate the thickness of the scissors, make this piece slightly wider at the top — but the same size at the bottom — as the first pattern piece. You will need to cut two pieces of fabric out of this piece, plus one piece of fusible fleece (again, cut smaller all the way around to stay out of the seam allowance).

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs
Here are my fabric pieces all cut out (fusible fleece pieces not shown)...

Okay, let's get started... put the triangular pieces right sides together and sew a seam at the top, with a seam allowance somewhere between 1/8" and 1/4".

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs
Sew, press and fuse...

Turn right side out and press, then fuse the fleece onto the wrong side of the bottom half. Topstitch at 1/4" from the top edge.

Sew the completed piece that you just made to one of your larger pieces of fabric, but stitch just along the sides; i.e., leave the bottom open.

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs
Attach completed piece to the top part of the sheath...

Take your remaining piece of fabric and fuse the fleece to it.

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs
Fuse & stitch around the edge, leaving a turning gap...

Then place it right sides together with the previously sewn piece and pin. Sew the edges together with just under a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a turning gap along one side.

Trim back the seams at the top corners and especially at the bottom, to reduce the bulk when you turn it right side out.

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs
Trim back the seams to reduce bulk, particularly at the bottom...

Turn it right side out and give it a good press. Ensure that the fabric on both sides of the turning gap is even so that when you sew, the stitches will catch both sides.

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs
Press well before you finish sewing it up!

Finish the sheath by topstitching all around. Sew as close to the edge as you can comfortably get, while making sure that you close your turning gap.

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs
Done! I added a grommet to attach a chain...

Here it is, worn around the neck...

Scissors Sheath Project by eSheep Designs

I originally bought this pair of scissors at a Dollar Giant shop for $1.25.  Pick up a pair, make this project and it becomes a great little gift for the crafter in your life. (Think stocking stuffers for next Christmas!)

I must have thought so, because why else would I have awoken with the idea of making this??

If you want to have a copy of this tutorial in PDF format,
download it for free here.

Terms of Use

If you are "sew" inclined, feel free to make and sell as many of these scissors sheaths as you care to; I only ask that you credit me and this blog by attaching the following card to the item.

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  1. Think it is a great idea. Going to try it for my scissors. Just a beginner at sewing.

    1. Thanks, Donna. Hope you have fun with it; it's a small enough project to find success with if you're a beginner. :-)


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