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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Free Pattern/Tutorial: MyTie Makeover Mini Bag

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
Are you up to making over a tie?
The tutorial part of The Tie Project has come to an end — finally! And with its completion, I thought I'd post a summary of the information that got me to here, so that anyone wanting to attempt their own purse (without waiting for the PDF pattern that I'm developing for sale) can do so.

A quick aside for those who are not familiar... this was originally an "upcycle/repurpose" project to create a purse out of one single neck tie. (What you see here was actually made out of a 99 cent tie set that I purchased on eBay. Keep in mind also that not all ties are the same size. Look for something in the neighbourhood of 58" (147cm) long and 3.9" (10cm) wide.) The lining and pockets are completed with other fabric but the entire exterior comes from the tie. The result — depending on what pattern of tie you use — is a little purse that will do well for an elegant formal evening out or will make a great gift for girls of all ages.

Shown here is one version (out of three) of the MyTie Makeover Mini Bags that I have designed and will be offering up as a pattern for sale next month. If you have some sewing experience, you should be able to create a purse of your own just by following instructions that I've provided in previous posts.

What are those previous posts? Since I know that people will likely come specifically for this tutorial, I thought I'd make life a little easier for them by listing a "directory" of the posts pertinent to this project. You're welcome. ;-)

Click on the headings that follow to access each post relating to this project. Note that I am going to go "backwards" in time, listing the most recent post first. Last week's entry shows you the main processes involved with sewing up this bag.

The Tie Project [Pt 5] - Big Test of a Little Bag

Consider this the "full photo tutorial". Using the information presented in the previous three posts, track my progress as I cut into a real tie and make my first MyTie Makeover Mini Bag.

The MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
A little purse perfect for an evening out...

The Tie Project [Pt 4] - Finishing Details

Still working with a muslin, this post discusses how to finish up the interior of the purse, from the pockets and lining to the closure and strap.

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
Front of the bag with flap down...

The Tie Project [Pt 3] - Prototyping the Exterior

This post shows you how to cut pattern pieces that will fit your particular tie. Working with a muslin, cut pieces were sewn together to produce the exterior of the purse.

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
Proof that main pieces of my tie purse pattern can "work"...

The Tie Project [Pt 2] - The Design Process

This post is the official start of the tutorial. Take away the measurements for the main pattern piece that you will need to make for the body of the purse and learn how to create the remainder of the pieces.

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
Figuring out how to allocate the fabric... 

Repurposing and Upcycling... The Tie Project [Pt 1]

This was just some background about admiring two different versions of a "purse made from a single tie" that were being offered for sale by two talented ladies. Since neither of them offered a pattern for sale, I threw myself a challenge to come up with my own. This particular post does not have any tutorial instructions in it, so you can safely ignore it if you're not interested in how I came to be inspired.

Was that useful? Up for the challenge? Or maybe you'd prefer to wait for the actual pattern to come out? I hope to release the pattern in two to three weeks (after my testers finish testing), so check back then.


If you are "sew" inclined, feel free to make and sell as many MyTie Makeover Mini Bags as you care to; I only ask that you credit me and this blog by attaching the following card to the item.

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  1. I saw little purses made from men's ties in a flea market. I tried to remember how they were made *sigh* I have my father's ties and I have a plan.

    1. Good to hear! (And would love to see them when you're done.)


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