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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Button, Button, I've Got the Buttons

ChrisW Designs Bella Bag crafted by eSheep Designs
My original ChrisW Designs' Bella bag button trim...
When I made my first ever purse — ChrisW Designs' Bella — I trimmed the front flap with a large button that had recently fallen off one of my winter coats. (It was the spare one sewn into the lining; I wasn't being hobo-ish in deciding not to replace a missing button.)

I recall that Christine and I had a brief email exchange about how ridiculously expensive it can be to buy buttons, never mind one single, large nice button. (Ain't that the truth. I stepped into a local Fabricland a few years ago to buy some new buttons for an old but favourite tunic top and almost fell over when I saw the price for a pack of five small ones.)

But ever since last year, I've been poking around in the sewing sections of various dollar stores. The efforts have largely paid off; the huge collection that you see in the picture below is $5 worth of buttons... and I really have no need for the ones in the bag on the left.

Many, many, many buttons for $5...

Of course, you have to sort through the crap (which is how I wound up with the big bag on the left) to find the good ones. These three alone are worth my $5. (The largest one is about 2" or 5cm.)

Three large buttons that will come in handy someday...

There was also a fist full of anchor-themed buttons in the collection, in various sizes, in both gold and silver tone, and some with this white background. I can see these being used on some sort of nautical item or beach bag.

I like these...

These buttons are going to be useful when I make my test purses for The Tie Project. Here are three possibilities...

I've used buttons for closures on several project thus far (although my Bella eventually got the "gaudy earring" treatment instead). For a lot of handmade items, a distinctive looking button can add just that right final — and unique — touch.

Oh, and speaking of The Tie Project (last post here), next week I unveil an actual test bag! And guess what button I used for the closure?

And still speaking of The Tie Project, I'm currently looking for pattern testers... check this out and let me know if you're interested.


  1. Oh...love your Bella version. I like pretty much every bag I've seen made from this pattern. I don't have it yet--but I hope to someday! :)


    1. You know you're right, I think every Bella I've ever seen has been great and a few have been "out of this world fantastic". Tribute to a great pattern, I guess. With access to all of Christine's patterns, this is the only one that I've made two of.


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