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Saturday, 19 April 2014

The "Make it Yours" Bag Version II

The Make it Yours Bag by eSheep Designs
Version II of the Make it Yours Bag...
Last time I talked about my ongoing (never-ending) Make it Yours project, I indicated that I wanted to widen the bottom of the bag. I'm sure it's just a matter of taste, so for the record, when this is ultimately released as a pattern, I will provide both versions. (No sense in scrapping all of that hard work to draw the pattern pieces.) And in the overall scheme of things, whether it is wider or narrower has no affect on the actual construction steps.

So anyway, here is my third Make it Yours test bag, and the first (and hopefully last, unless people want to buy these from me) version II bag. The brown trim material is from the same drapery panel that I used to make one of my Bella bags from ChrisW Designs. The shiny beige fabric — which I also used to make my Cutting Corners Collapsible Travel Tray — is also from a drapery panel (Sears, $10).

Here is the other side of the bag...

The Make it Yours Bag by eSheep Designs
Reverse side of the Make it Yours test bag...
I bought a set of bedsheets last summer — for actual use on a bed, not for sewing — and the poly storage case that it came in had this very elegant zipper with a tassel. So, ever mindful of how interesting zippers can make a bag, I harvested it for use here. (Of course, it was also a stroke of luck that it was brown...) I think this zipper makes a statement, don't you?

One of my goals with respect to bag design is to create something that looks nice no matter what side is showing. You know how it goes, sometimes you just want to be able to pick up a bag and sling it on your shoulder without checking to see what side is facing "out". The Make it Yours bag will ultimately look like what the individual crafter wants it to look like, of course, but I intend to provide options for making both sides of the bag appear interesting.

Since I did customize the interior to hold my specific "stuff", I'm actually currently using this bag. Will see what pros and cons I have to report in a few months.


  1. Hi again Rochelle, are you any closer to releasing this pattern, or have I missed that post? Bad me if I have!


    1. Nope, you haven't missed it... just that my attention has been redirected elsewhere and this project has gotten lost in the shuffle. I'm trying to decide what I ultimately want to do with this pattern (which may include releasing it as a freebie).


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