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Saturday, 27 October 2018

A Rainy Day Scarf Project

Blinged Up T-Shirt Infinity Scarf by eSheep Designs
Advancing my (relatively) new relationship with orange...
Last May, I turned an unwanted black t-shirt into a blinged up infinity scarf.

I liked the result so much, when this orange t-shirt came into my possession, I immediately thought to make another.

And because it was one of those unavoidably dreary days when I sat down to make this, it occurred to me that it would be an ideal rainy day project.

Or a cool birthday party activity for pre-teen girls. Dollar Tree now sells t-shirts, so it's actually not that expensive to pick up shirts and some beads, stuff it all into a "goody" bag and let creativity flourish into unique hand-made party favours. No sewing required!

My pony beads were purchased at Dollar Tree; they seem to carry a wide range of beads, including the silver lined type that I prefer. This pack contained an assortment of green, orange and white/clear beads, which turned out to be just perfect for the scarf.

If you want to attempt your own blinged up infinity scarf, refer back to my original post for the (simple) instructions.

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This t-shirt was an XL, so it was bigger than the black one that I used for the first scarf. With the extra material — and the fact that it was orange — I aimed to make a "statement scarf".

Something that catches the eye and is versatile to the max!

Blinged Up T-Shirt Infinity Scarf by eSheep Designs
Single loop wearing options...

With that plan in mind, I cut more fringes (strips) and cut them longer than I did last time.

Blinged Up T-Shirt Infinity Scarf by eSheep Designs
More and longer...

With the longer fringes, I also planned to use more beads.

Blinged Up T-Shirt Infinity Scarf by eSheep Designs
Notice my ice cube tray being put to good (alternate) use?

There are seven beads attached to the middle fringe, five on the adjacent, four on the subsequent adjacent, and then three for the next eight fringes on either side. The remainder have two beads each. (Order of the three colours of beads varies from one fringe to the next.)

Blinged Up T-Shirt Infinity Scarf by eSheep Designs
Major fringing...

But apart from beaded fringes, what else could I do? You can see from the photo just above that I cut into the material at the opposite end of the scarf.

Blinged Up T-Shirt Infinity Scarf by eSheep Designs
Slits cut into a circular area...

This was done in a roughly circular area. I wasn't quite sure what the result would look like, but it was an example of creativity on the fly. In any case, I like how it turned out. It's sort of edgy without being overly so.

For reference, here is what the scarf looks like folded in half.

Blinged Up T-Shirt Infinity Scarf by eSheep Designs
Doesn't look like much from this vantage point...

You can see that there is actually a lot of space remaining to incorporate additional creativity if so desired.

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This was originally another of those gifted Las Vegas t-shirts from a friend. The graphic wasn't representative of any of the major casinos and was actually quite nondescript.

Blinged Up T-Shirt Infinity Scarf by eSheep Designs
Another variation...

Having now turned it into this scarf, I don't think anyone would call this nondescript!

And since it's orange, maybe I'll be wear it with a black catsuit to hand out candies on Halloween. ;-)

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