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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Latest Trends in Purse Accessories

Purse Hook on Summer Sling Bag crafted by eSheep Designs
My new purse hook becomes an integrated part of my bag bling!
First of all, let it be firmly stated that I am neither a trend setter nor a trend follower by any means. Nor am I any sort of self-described fashionista with insider info on what's new and hot.

Therefore, the title of my post today is merely meant as a catch-all phrase to group together a bunch of purse-related things that I recently found (mostly on eBay) that I wanted to share with those of you who don't have the time or inclination to look. This usually includes me, but I just recently came back from a period of two weeks during which I was mostly off the internet. As I was leaving feedback for a recently completed eBay transaction, I was easily enticed into looking around. ;-)

When I made my customized version of the Summer Sling Bag, one of my additions was a hanging loop to allow the use of a purse hook. At the time, the purse hook I had was several years old; it was a basic one from a breast cancer fundraising campaign with a pink ribbon emblazoned on it. Nothing special, it wasn't foldable and had to be carried inside my bag with the rest of my stuff.

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When I wrote up the blog post for the sling bag, I provided a link to all manners of purse hooks and it got me searching for a new one. The one that I ultimately chose is a nifty version shaped like a purse with rhinestones all over it, shown here and at top. Coincidentally enough, it ended up fitting perfectly along the inside of the ring that trims my sling bag. That's right: it adds bling to my bling! (It also adds weaponry — you'd be amazed by how much damage can be inflicted by swinging a bag with an unsecured flap that has something heavy attached to it!)

"Purse" purse hanger
How my purse shaped purse hanger works...

In and of itself, a purse hook is functional. For something functional to provide bling to a bag is awesome, don't you think?

Here is another totally cute purse hanger that fits the bill as functional bling. This one is shaped like a pair of flipflops. (Price: $4.33 USD)

purse hanger sold by eBay seller intertradego
image courtesy of eBay seller intertradego...

And here is yet another purse hanger format ($2.99 USD) that is designed to be attached to your bag as bling...

purse hanger sold by eBay seller suntekstore
image courtesy of eBay seller suntekstore...

Bag bling and zipper pulls in the form of a tassel is all the rage. And while I've seen tutorials for making tassels that look professional — and realistically, will not be cheap to make — this dual purpose one (can be a keyring also) is pretty elegant and won't set you back big bucks at only $2.65 USD. (I'm pretty sure that one like this can even be taken apart to serve as two zipper pulls!)

bag bling sold by eBay seller 6godwater
image courtesy of eBay seller 6godwater...

By the way, if any of the items in this post appeal to you, I urge you to take the time to sift through eBay for the best offers. Prices vary and I am by no means endorsing any of the sellers mentioned here. And by "best" I don't just mean check the price. As a regular user of eBay, I try to look for sellers with a 99% or higher positive feedback rating. (I realize that eBay is not anyone's favourite option due to potential problems with quality and unreliable delivery, but often I'm just not willing to pay five times the cost — in particular, in terms of purse hardware — to get my stuff elsewhere.)

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The next items that I came across are helpful to keep your purse or bag organized.

These little things are quite interesting and I would assume they might actually be useful. Price is 99¢ CDN for a set of two.

plastic hangers from eBay seller fat-mango
image courtesy of eBay seller fat-mango...

Next up is what I call a deluxe, multi-functional purse organizer. I am, of course, a fan of purse organizers, having designed a couple of them myself, but who needs to do the hard work when you can buy this for only $2.41 USD? (I also saw them at Dollarama this past week for $3.50 CDN.)

purse organizer sold by eBay seller lusomuch
image courtesy of eBay seller lusomuch...

This thing has a section of mesh pockets on top of regular pockets on both sides, a couple of zippered pockets along the top edges, and a large open central area — with handles for easy removal — to keep all of your messiness in one place! There are even some snap fasteners along the ends to make the unit thinner if needed.

I'm sure I could figure out how to make one, but really, what would be the point?

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Finally, I've often found that changing a strap can give a bag a whole new look. Here are three of the many, many purse straps are available via eBay, from pricey to not so pricey...

This is an example of the embellished leather straps that are currently available on eBay. (Can't say that I'm a fan of the look, however.) It's about 35" long and priced at $41.99 USD.

flowered leather purse strap from eBay seller shining-forever
image courtesy of eBay seller shining-forever...

I get that it's real leather, but really — forty-two bucks for a strap?

At a more reasonable (but still kinda pricey) $9.10 USD each, these are Chanel-inspired straps in faux leather and chain.

faux leather and chain purse strap sold by eBay seller beststore.ty
image courtesy of beststore.ty...

These braided velvet purse straps are available in lengths up to 47" and are relatively bargain priced at $1.89 USD.

purse straps sold by eBay seller modtimes2018
image courtesy of eBay seller modtimes2018...

Last but definitely not least — while we're on the topic of straps — I stopped by Janelle's blog (Emmaline Bags) last week and found out that she is introducing a new line of strap anchor hardware to her shop. Some are really distinctive looking. What's more, she's also released a free bag pattern to show you how to showcase them, so if you're wanting to add a new and exciting feature to your handmade bags, be sure to take a look.

Are you an eBay shopper? If not, why not? If yes, what's the absolute best purchase you've ever made on eBay?

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