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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Zippiest Zipper Pulls!

metal alloy zipper pulls
Ten of the twenty-four zipper pulls...
Okay, so having talked about zippier zipper pulls last August, it's time to share what should be my last post about zipper pulls!

My eBay experiences are largely hit and miss, but I scored quite well last fall with these zippiest of all zipper pulls: I got 24 of them (via four separate transactions) for $2.59!

They are metal and are meant to fit a #5 zipper, i.e., one where the zipper teeth measure 5mm across. The vast majority of the zippers that I use are the smaller #3 ones, so these heads are not meant as replacements for any of them.

But several of these pulls are attached with jump rings and can therefore be removed from the zipper head and attached to any zipper, just like I did for my messenger bag project.

zipper pull on multi-purpose messenger bag by eSheep Designs
Original pull tab was cut off this zipper head and replaced with this metal zipper pull...

For the most part, I find them attractive enough and they seem new. However, this pair is a bit puzzling.

metal alloy zipper pulls

A little internet research shows "Eii & Vanna" is a registered trademark in China used on products like wallets, purses and luggage. Not a whole lot more information beyond that; I don't know if their little enterprise did not make it and they are now selling off their zipper pulls!

metal alloy zipper pulls

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By the way, if you're wondering how easy or hard it might be to install the entire zipper head, take a gander at this video from Erin Erickson at Dog Under My Desk. She shows you how to push a zipper head back onto a zipper tape. I've had to do the deed twice, and while I won't say the process is a snap, it does work.

DIY double pull zipper
Make your own double pull zipper...

Not only that, but by learning how to replace a zipper head, you can slide two zipper heads onto one zipper and get the result above. (I'm saving this zipper for a future purse project.)

Here are a couple of sets of three matching. They will come in handy for adding bling to bag designs featuring a trio of external zips. I should probably start searching for some #5 zippers too...

metal alloy zipper pulls

Lastly, there are these little charms that I snagged during the last seconds of an auction for 31¢:

Eiffel Tower charms
Eight Eiffel Tower charms for a bargain price...

You know, I think that should about do it for posts about zipper pulls... I think I've exhausted the topic!


  1. The zipper pulls are lovely! I'm sure they'll make a purse or wallet look pretty fancy!

  2. The best thing about replacing the zip heads is you can change up your zippers! I often use a zipper tape of turqoiuse on one side, purple on the other side and then a green zip head. Its super simple to slip the zip head back on once you learn a few tricks (have one end be longer than the othe for starters). There is a pattern i use (humbug bag) that calls for only one side of the zipper so i put them on all the time. But kids love it when you change up all the zip pieces!


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