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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Gadget Grab 'n' Go Gifts... and a Black Friday Sale!

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
I made these Gadget Grab 'n' Gos for my cousin for gifting...
Back in July I posted about making some origami ribbon coin purses for a couple of my cousins who had travelled from afar to visit. After seeing my various creations, one of those cousins somehow talked me into making her a couple of Gadget Grab 'n' Go organizers so she could give them away for Christmas presents.

Since this pattern was not heavily tested, I thought the proposed project a good idea, if only to allow me another chance to check out my own pattern — in actual use — to see if I could find any mistakes and omissions.

I gave this pattern to a couple of bloggers for review back in February and had been told by one that there were some errors and that she would get back to me about them. (I never did hear back — and if that person is reading this — please know that I am releasing you from any further obligation.) In going through this process myself, however, I picked up on a few small things that I ultimately corrected. They were not glaring errors that would have prevented anyone from completing the project, as Nancy at PugMom Quilts proved in her review of the pattern.

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Armed with a bundle of fun fabrics that I had been gifted with, I created these two organizers, one in each style.

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
Non-identical "twin" Gadget Grab 'n' Gos...

Fabric is a selection from Betz White's Stitch collection for Robert Kaufman (the exterior), Bungle Jungle (the elephants) by Tim and Beck for Moda and a paisley print from Kitty and the Muse (the interior). The short zippers are from the assorted package of thirty that I got on eBay a couple of years ago for $3.50. (I've now used up the most interesting colours from that set; I've since managed to snag some even better buys!) The black external zipper is a cut section from a long duvet zipper.

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
Interior of the straight closure version...

I don't recall where the white zipper for the diagonal version came from, but it was definitely reclaimed from something.

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
Interior of the diagonal closure version...

I followed my pattern except for one change: I increased the width of the binding. I'm not sure that would be my preference again, however, as I think it gave me more leeway to be less precise with my sewing. That said, if you've never sewn binding and anticipate having a difficult time with it, making it wider definitely gives you more room to maneuver.

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
What can this hold? A battery charger, a thumb drive, my camera, my eReader cable,
a micro USB cable with AC adapter, a triple zip lock waterproof bag and a power bank...

And here is just a reminder of how much this Gadget Grab 'n' Go can hold. All of the above fits into either one of these organizers...

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
Everything nicely packed up inside...

It was quite interesting to go back to this pattern; having left it alone for some time. In essence, I completed four of these multi-zip organizer projects in a row, whipped up this pattern and then went on my way. In being requested to make this again, I almost had treat the whole thing as if I had never done it before (including cutting out the pattern pieces again since I couldn't find my old ones). Like I said, it gave me a rare opportunity to be a real tester for myself.

Want the pattern? Get one from my pattern shop here. (TIP: If you've been discouraged in your efforts at making one of those "more popular" multi-zip organizers out there, I assure you my pattern will provide you with clear instructions that will allow you to be successful with those as well.)

I'd also like to announce that — in consideration of the Canadian dollar having taken such a dump in value this year against the American dollar and leading into Black Friday next week — I am offering a limited time sale price of 25% off the Gadget Grab 'n' Go, to $5.95. The same price point will also apply to my Bodaciously Basic Bucket Bag pattern. If you want them, now's the time to grab them!

Limited time discount on these two patterns!

And in case you were wondering, I don't have plans for additional sales next week. :-)

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