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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Make Some Spoonflower Fabric Labels

eSheep Designs fabric labels from Spoonflower
My own fabric labels from Spoonflower...
A few months ago, I put together a fabric sheet of labels from Spoonflower for my market friend, who crafts under the name of Creations by Cocoa.

She had seen the labels that I made from a small Spoonflower sampler earlier this year (shown here) and was interested in permanently branding her own sewing projects in a similar manner. This is, of course, nothing new in the crafting world. Many sewing bloggers I am familiar with have long had their own distinctive labels on their projects.

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In the past, I've run across various online services that can make fabric labels for you, but I wonder if any are as economical as Spoonflower.

You can order a sample swatch (8" x 8") for $6.00 (US/CDN shipping included). This one here has 24 usable labels (the last column is cut off); that amounts to 25¢ each! (All pricing quoted here is for the cheapest fabric option: basic cotton ultra.)

eSheep Designs fabric labels from Spoonflower
One of my Spoonflower label samplers...

To turn these into labels, I just fused the fabric onto some Decor Bond interfacing before cutting them individually.

eSheep Designs fabric labels from Spoonflower
Interface and slice!

The ones above are for sewing onto the surface of something; these ones below — which I haven't yet gotten around to finishing — are meant to be sewn into a seam along the top edge, with the rest of the label hanging "free".

eSheep Designs fabric labels from Spoonflower
This one will yield 25 labels...

Not being very prolific with my sewing projects, I imagine these labels will last me a looong time. (Especially if I keep forgetting to use them!)

For my friend's labels, she gave me her business card and told me to manipulate the image and tagline to suit the purpose. (The box outlines are where she had her contact info.)

Creations by Cocoa
My friend's business card...

After the card was scanned, the image was loaded up into Paint Shop Pro, where I "doctored" it up, moving the tagline and shortening up the "thread" on her needle.

Creations by Cocoa
A little bit of image editing...

With white space, the label will end up to be about 1.75" high by 3" wide. When this image is uploaded to Spoonflower, this is the fat quarter view:

A fat quarter worth of labels is only $10.45...

The cost for 48 labels — printed on a fat quarter — is only $10.45 (US/CDN shipping included). The cost for 192 labels — printed on one yard — would be $15.75 plus appropriate shipping (which for us was $3). My friend ended up going with the yard, meaning that the cost per unit will be under 10¢. (Although let's understand that you do need to factor in the cost of whatever interfacing you choose to use with these. Alternatively, you could print on a different fabric like a canvas and not have to interface, but then the cost is $10 more per yard.)

In any case, with just a little bit of effort, Spoonflower can offer great value for anyone wanting to create a small run of custom fabric labels.

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