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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Crafty Cosmetics Caddy Pattern & Tutorial [Pt 2]

Crafty Cosmetics Caddy by eSheep Designs
My Crafty Cosmetics Caddy PDF Pattern & Tutorial...
Last week I introduced my first pattern for sale: the Crafty Cosmetics Caddy. Its debut marked another milestone in my journey from student to designer (although this is still not yet a purse or bag design). I wanted to know if I could package up a set of instructions for a simple little project that people would actually pay a couple of bucks for... and I got my answer within twelve hours of uploading the pattern to Craftsy about a month ago. As you might guess, the quickness of that first sale was a major thrill for me!

So before I go any further, I would like to pass along my thanks to those who have shown their support by actually purchasing my pattern. From the bottom of my heart, I feel humbled by this whole process. :-)

Crafty Cosmetics Caddy by eSheep Designs
Reversed view...
I promised that I would provide the bare bones version of the instructions for the Crafty Cosmetics Caddy this week, so here goes...

Fabric & Interfacing Requirements

All you need are four rectangular pieces of fabric, some interfacing and some thread... easy!

Cut two pieces of fabric measuring 13" x 12" for the main body exterior and interior lining. Cut two other pieces of fabric measuring 7" x 10" for two sets of pockets, one for the exterior and one for the interior. (As you may have noticed, I used the same fabrics as I did for my iPod/Mp3 carrying case a few weeks back.)

Depending on your choice of fabric, apply fusible interfacing as needed (to exterior or lining or both).

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Sewing Instructions

Fold one of the pocket pieces in half lengthwise (right sides together) and pin. Sew around the open edges, leaving a turning gap in the middle of the long side. Clip corners and turn right side out; press well.

Repeat with the other pocket piece.

Fold the exterior fabric piece in half lengthwise (right sides together) and press. Open it up to expose the right side of the fabric.

Crafty Cosmetics Caddy by eSheep Designs
Pin the matching finished pocket piece (with turning gap on bottom) to the top half of the exterior piece. Center the pocket piece left and right and position as shown in the photo.

Tuck the two ends of the pocket piece under by 3/8" and pin.

Sew all the way around the sides and bottom of the pocket to secure. Divide as desired.

Repeat the process with the lining and the remaining pocket piece.

Take your exterior piece and re-fold it as before. Sew the two short ends together with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Make a 3" box corner at each end. Clip excess fabric away from the corners when done.

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Finger press the two long sides of the base to form a rectangular bottom. Edgestitch along these sides (as shown below) to provide some structure for the base of the unit.

Crafty Cosmetics Caddy by eSheep Designs
Repeat the process with the lining.

Assembly Instructions

Turn your exterior piece right side out.

Press a 1/2" seam allowance along the top edge of both your exterior and lining pieces.

Drop the lining into the exterior piece, making sure the pockets are facing the way you want. Line up the top seams and secure with pins or clips, using the two side seams as your guide. Sew together as close to the edge as you can.

And that's it... your Crafty Cosmetics Caddy is ready to be crammed full of stuff!

Crafty Cosmetics Caddy by eSheep Designs
The Crafty Cosmetics Caddy will hold "all that and more"...
A reminder once again, I have this complete pattern/tutorial available as a downloadable 22-page PDF file at Craftsy.com. If you need more detailed instructions or want to check out the other variations on this item, please consider purchasing the pattern. :-)

This pattern was featured in the Craftsy blog post,
Beauty in the Bag: 6 DIY Travel Makeup Bags to Sew


If you are "sew" inclined, feel free to make and sell as many Crafty Cosmetics Caddies as you care to; I only ask that you credit me and this blog by attaching the following card to the item.

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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial. My daughter is one that is hard to find gifts. Since retiring, I am trying to make things that I hope family members will like. You have given me the perfect thing for my daughter. Thank you again for sharing it.

    1. You are so welcome. Always great to hear that something is of use to someone besides me! (And I've been using mine for almost five years now.)


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