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This is a guide to all of my PDF patterns, which are available from my Craftsy shop.

Fabric Pieced Voilà Vase — $4.50

Fabric Pieced Voilà Vase by eSheep Designs
The Fabric Pieced Voilà Vase is a dimensional "paper pieced" item. The result is a large flared vase with an optional topper that can be made to be removable or permanently stitched in place. This is a surprising simple project, so don't be scared away by the idea of the "3D-ness". If you have basic sewing experience and can handle fusible interfacing, you'll have success with this. As a bonus, the PDF includes a "how to" for making the templates for a smaller version of the vase.

This is a 34-page PDF, with over 60 photos to help you along. Full size templates are included.

Load-it-Up Laptop Slipcase — $2.25

Load-it-Up Laptop Slipcase by eSheep Designs
The Load-it-Up Laptop Slipcase is a custom fit, DIY fabric laptop case that’s slightly different from most. It actually has room to tote along your power cord/charger, mouse and other accessories that you might want to keep with your computer. Lightly padded, it will hold everything you need to run your laptop or tablet. Included in this version are sizing charts (in both imperial and metric) to determine the precise amount of fabric needed for your specific laptop.

This is a 23-page PDF, with over 45 photos to guide you along.

Diva Envelope Clutch — $5.25

Diva Envelope Clutch by eSheep Designs
Part of the fun of sewing is to be able to look at something and recreate it. That's the history behind this envelope inspired portfolio clutch. For those who may not feel the same affinity towards "looking and recreating", I've made it into a pattern. If you'll take a look at my testers' projects, you can see that it forms the basis for many possibilities. As is, it's a simple design that suits all genders for a variety of purposes.

This is a 30-page PDF, with over 50 photos to guide you along. Full size templates are included.

Bundled Up Bindle Bag — $2.00

Bundled Up Bindle Bag by eSheep Designs
Ever wonder why hobos carried a little cinched up bag — referred to as a "bindle" — at the end of their sticks? Well, it must be because it is such a simple and useful design! I have revamped the interior of this idea with a whole bunch of pockets that can be made from a variety of materials for utmost versatility. The result is a bag that suits young and old, male and female alike.

This is an 18-page PDF, with over 30 photos to help you create your own custom bindle bag.

Retro Reticule — $5.25

Retro Reticule by eSheep Designs
Want something that is unique looking and easy to make? This fun fortune cookie shaped pouch is a tip of the hat towards vintage handbags. I've updated it for modern use with zippers and a separate interior compartment to keep your keys or cell phones protected. Great for grads or weddings, the Retro Reticule is a conversation piece as well as a pretty party purse.

This is a 30-page PDF, with over 60 photos to help you create your own little blast from the past. Full size templates are included.

Bodaciously Basic Bucket Bag — $6.49

Bodaciously Basic Bucket Bag by eSheep Designs
Who doesn't like a simple sewing project with a lot of style and pizzazz? Bucket bags are notoriously easy to make and involve all straight seams. This one cinches closed with your choice of two different looks, but the selling feature of this design — as in, why buy this one when there are free bucket bag patterns out there — is the reversibility of it. That's right — two looks for the price of one. Great versatility for travelling as it's a timeless style that will always look good!

This is a 47-page PDF, with over 125 photos to help you cruise through the project. Included is a fabric planning page for you to print out so that you can keep track of what fabric is being used for what element.

Gadget Grab 'n' Go — $7.95

Gadget Grab 'n' Go by eSheep Designs
This project was another self-made challenge. Having been frustrated making a similar (albeit larger and more complex) organizer, I was determined to find a way to simplify the telling of the basic construction process. So I took the bare bones part of this design and imbued it with my own little touches... in particular, the diagonal zipper closure. The result is a unique organizer that will appeal to anyone of any age, for all kinds of uses. (My husband claimed the blue one that you see here for his electronic gadgets.)

This is a 37-page PDF with 3 pages of actual pattern pieces and more than 75 photos to supplement the detailed sewing and assembly instructions. In addition to the project shown, the pattern also provides measurements/instructions for making the one with the straight zipper closure.

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag — $5.95

MyTie Makeover Mini Bag by eSheep Designs
When I first encountered these little purses made out of a single tie, I was so intrigued and so interested in making one that I looked high and low for a pattern. Not a one. Found a couple of tutorials for what I consider "not quite successful" facsimiles, but the internet was surprisingly unyielding in this case. So once again, necessity being the mother of invention, blah, blah, blah...

This 59-page PDF comes with over 100 photos, providing clear instructions to guide you in making your very own unique — not to mention super cute — little purse that will do the job from formal evenings to girls night out. And in case you hadn't heard, the pattern provides the templates for three different body styles for this little purse.

Hot Hues Convertible Crossbody Fooler Bag — $4.95

Hot Hues Convertible Crossbody Fooler Bag by eSheep Designs
If you’ve been looking for a crossbody bag to take you from walks around the neighbourhood to weekend shopping at the mall to evenings at the movies, you’ve found it! This is the perfect size for doing all of the above, with two zippered pockets that can hold much more than you’d think. Select your fabric strategically and you’ll have a fashionable bag that will transition from season to season with ease, courtesy of a flap that you can change out when the mood strikes.

This 46-page PDF provides clear instructions with over 80 photos to guide you in making your very own versatile, trendy, go anywhere crossbody bag.

Crafty Cosmetics Caddy — $2.50

Crafty Cosmetics Caddy by eSheep Designs
Have you been looking for a way to tidy up your messy makeup drawer? You probably never would have guessed how easy it is just to make yourself something that suits your needs perfectly. Whether you want something to sit permanently on your counter at home to organize your makeup and day to day personal care stuff or whether you want something lightweight that you can throw into your suitcase for use when you travel, this (reversible) organizer is your answer.

This 22-page PDF provides detailed instructions (along with both imperial and metric measurements), loads of photos, and suggestions for making two other versions of the project.

Wet Wipe Tissue Wallet — $1.25

Wet Wipe Tissue Wallet by eSheep Designs
Was waiting in a checkout line at a local drug store when I noticed a display stand of "Kleenex Wallets". They were little purse packs of the world's favourite facial tissue done up to look like a foldover wallet in fancy plastic. A few days previous, I had purchased three metres of waxcloth and had been searching for the perfect project... well, the rest — as the saying goes — is history.

In my experience, it's harder to find a wet wipe when you need one than a regular tissue. (And I know they sell small little packs of Wet Ones or whatever, but I've never been sucked into buying one so there must be a reason.)

This is a 17-page PDF that provides loads of photos and detailed instructions to make a double-sided wallet that holds wet wipes and regular tissues back to back. Options for three different pocket styles are provided.

Quilted Hanging File Organizer — FREE

Quilted Hanging File Organizer by eSheep Designs

Flat Pack Travel Tray — FREE

Flat Pack Travel Tray by eSheep Designs

Hanging Christmas Tree — FREE

Hanging Christmas Tree by eSheep Designs

Stacking CD Baskets — FREE

Stacking CD Baskets by eSheep Designs

Quilted CD Coaster Mug Rugs — FREE

CD Coaster Mug Rug by eSheep Designs

Portable Pocket Pouch — FREE

Portable Pocket Pouch by eSheep Designs

Make It Yours Bag — FREE

Make it Yours Bag by eSheep Designs

5 Minute Lip Balm Carrier — FREE

5 Minute Lip Balm Carrier

Shopping List & Coupon Holder — FREE

Shopping List & Coupon Holder by eSheep Designs

Wave Around Tote Bag Organizer — FREE

Wave Around Tote Bag Organizer by eSheep Designs

Fabulous Fabric Flowers — FREE

Fabulous Fabric Flowers by eSheep Designs

Waxcloth Folders — FREE

Waxcloth Folders by eSheep Designs

Pride & Prejudice Mobinity Scarf — FREE

Pride & Prejudice Mobinity Scarf by eSheep Designs

Scissors Sheath — FREE

Scissors Sheath by eSheep Designs

iPod/mp3 Carrying Case — FREE

iPod/mp3 Player Carrying Case by eSheep Designs

Cutting Corners Collapsible Travel Tray — FREE

Cutting Corners Collapsible Travel Tray by eSheep Designs

Wave Purse Organizer — FREE

Wave Purse Organizer by eSheep Designs


If you are "sew" inclined, feel free to make and sell as many of my various projects as you care to; I only ask that you credit me and this blog by attaching the following card to the item.

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