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UPDATE re: Bluprint 05/2020

The news broke on May 22, 2020 that Bluprint (formerly Craftsy) will be winding up operations "over the next few months", in the words of CEO John Levisay.

While the writing has certainly been on the wall for several years now — and I've blogged about the situation at various times, most notably here — the announcement was certainly not expected during a time when services like it were thought to thrive (pandemic and all).

In the meantime, please ensure that you download any patterns that you've purchased. That piece of the pie has never been technically owned by either Craftsy or Bluprint, so if you end up not having a copy of a pattern that you paid for ten years ago, that's all on you.

Apparently, a solution regarding "keep forever" classes will be forthcoming, per the CEO's update here: https://www.mybluprint.com/article/letter-to-our-bluprint-customers

However, in a further unfortunate turn of events, all of the (hundreds of) comments that appeared underneath that letter were deleted from the page within a couple of days. Same can be said for similar Facebook comments. I get that some of the vitriol was extreme and unsettling, but the open censorship is not going to lower the rising temperatures of any customers. There is an ongoing discussion at CraftIndustryAlliance.org, but of course, it is not involved with the business dealings at Bluprint and is therefore only a sounding board. Among the topics is positive feedback about a software program that people have been buying to assist with downloading their classes, so if getting a head start on that is of paramount importance to you, you may want to investigate.

Otherwise, I recommend that you stay logged into your account at Bluprint and check it often for updates. While there is a way to contact customer service about this, my guess is that they have already heard your complaint many times over. There is really no need to overwhelm those poor people who are going to be losing their jobs after all this is said and done, through no fault of their own.

UPDATE May 30 — All members should have received an email about this now, but some folks are misinterpreting the information. Bluprint will be closing down their ecommerce activities by May 31, 2020, not their website and associated user services. That date is still in the realm of "the next few months". Therefore, in the meantime, you still have access to your classes and patterns.